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Shotts History

Shotts is located right in the centre of Scotland, halfway between the border and the northern coast and halfway between the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. It is made up of five small villages: Dykehead, Calderside, Stane, Torbothie and Springhill, which merged long since to form Shotts.

There are several 'origin myths' surrounding the foundation of Shotts village, all of which involve a giant named Bertram. It seems that Shotts was first inhabited during the late medieval period, around the 15th century, as a farming community of no particular importance or size.

During the 17th century Shotts became famous due to the 'Shotts Revival' of 1630 and for its connections with the Covenanters, a group of Christians who openly opposed royal interference in religious matters. This led to them being hunted and killed. Many hid in the woods and hills around Shotts.

Shotts became more heavily populated during the industrial revolution when people moved here to exploit the areas newly discovered natural resources, particularly iron and later coal. This kicked off around 1800 and within a decade the Shotts Iron Company was exporting goods made in Shotts all over the world. It was during this period that the Phrase 'Shotts Lights The World' was popular, as gas lamps made in Shotts were used all over the British Empire. The industrial boom in Shotts brought with it an equal economic boom and as such this is seen as Shotts' heyday.

In 1970 the Shotts Iron Company was closed. Unfortunately as with so many industrial communities, the closure of the factory brought massive unemployment and has left the village with a great deal of social and economic deprivation. There is a tendency within the inhabitants of the village to look back to the 'glory days' of the Covenanters and the Iron Works.

But we believe that God is bigger than any gloomy socio-economic situation and we believe that the glory days are yet to come. We are committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the people of Shotts in the hope that He will transform this place once more by touching their hearts, minds and souls.